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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Service Dogs

Have you been dealing with a disability of some sort? Has your family been talking about you needing more help if you are going to keep living on your own? Do you struggle with doing a daily task and need help? If you have said yes to any or even […]

Looking Ruff: 4 Old Dog Skin Problems to Watch out For

One-quarter of all dogs brought to the shelter each year are brought there because their owners say they are too old. A startling statistic! Knowing what to look out for as your pets age may help you keep them healthier longer. If your dog’s coat is not looking as shiny as it once did, […]

4 Reasons to Take Your Senior Cat to Sykesville Vet Clinic

Do you have an elderly cat? If so, you should be bringing him or her in for regular visits at Sykesville Vet Clinic. There are a lot of different health problems that come with an aging cat. For example, they can get arthritis, become overweight and have certain behavioral issues. Keep […]

Caring for a Senior Dog: 4 Signs It’s Time to See a Sykesville Vet

There’s a reason 60.2 million households in the US own a dog. Dogs are the most non-judging, loving companion you could ever have. There’s only one downside to owning a dog. Their lifespans are relatively short and saying goodbye is the hardest part of pet ownership. If your dog is getting old, […]

What Is Canine Vestibular Syndrome and How Is It Treated?

Statistics show that 89.7% of households in the U.S. have dogs. If you’re one of those households, then it’s only natural that you’ll be concerned if you notice any changes in your pet’s behavior. Has your dog been staggering or stumbling while walking lately? If you’re concerned that your dog may be […]

Canine Conception: 5 Early Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Unlike humans who have roughly nine months to prepare for a newborn, dogs’ gestation periods are much shorter. In fact, they often deliver within 58-72 days of conception. For that reason, it’s imperative you know early on if your dog is expecting. As with humans, there are some tell-tale signs that a […]

Ruff and Tumble: How to Care for a Dog Wound

36.5% of households in the United States own a dog, which means there are tens of millions of pet dogs. This means dogs are bound to encounter other pets on a daily basis, especially when you take your dog to a dog park. But just like any other animal, dogs are […]

Your Guide to Skin Conditions That Affect Older Dogs

You might be shocked to learn that dogs are considered “elders” or “geriatric” when they hit age 7. Even if you still think of them as your precious baby, you need to be aware of senior dog issues so you can protect your pet as they age. Besides looking out for […]

How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant: 5 Symptoms to Look Out For

There is nothing better than a soft and fuzzy kitten! But before new tiny fuzzballs come into your life there area few things to keep an eye out for in your expecting mama cat. If you’re unsure on how to tell if your cat is pregnant, read this list and […]

Human foods that can be shared with a dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and for a good reason: these lovable creatures certainly make for very loyal and obedient companions and pets. So much so that we frequently feel tempted to share our own food with them (even if it is just table scraps), in order to […]