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Spaying Your Dog Prevents Perineal Hernia

The close and strong bonds between humans and dogs started a long time ago and have since been acknowledged as one of the strongest ever. First of all, dogs are good pets. There are myriad of illustrations that prove this statement. Even though sometimes they may try to play smart and steal food off your plate, they are better than that. Here are some of the points explaining the reasons why dogs are good pets.

1. Dogs will always love you

There is enough evidence that suggests that man did not domesticate wolves, but rather the wolves first came to man. They hung around our ancestor’s campsite, and from there, the evolution of the modern dog began.

2. They have an infectious positive attitude

Have you ever realized that dogs get over excited over the simplest things? Talk of the discarded food wrappers sticks a trip to the nearby shop and so much more. These four-legged friends appreciate the simplest things in life. In turn, they make one start appreciating life. You can’t be sad with your four-legged friend around you.

3. They make one active

Other reasons why dogs are good pets is because they make one active. Even when you don’t feel like going out for a walk, the necessity of walking the dog just gets you on your feet, making your body healthier.

4. Dogs make you talk to people

Walking your dog is, without a doubt, a sure way to start a conversation with people who love animals. Today, the world is filled with people who are increasingly isolated, and chatting with people courtesy of your dog is a wonderful thing.

5. They make you laugh

Also, one of the reasons why dogs are good pets is because they make you laugh. Think of how they sometimes do a backward roll off a sofa or how they give you a beady eye when swallowing your bacon sandwich without offering them some, these four-legged friends will get you laughing at their antics.

6. There is no wastage of food

If you are full up during dinner or lunch time and you can’t stand the thought of throwing food or the leftover into the dustbin, your furry little friend will always be standby to do what they do best.


Why Dogs Need To Be Neutered

Dogs should be spayed when they are between four to six months old. Dog spaying is done by veterinary in a veterinary clinic and requires minimal hospitalization. Removing your dog’s testicles not only improves his quality of health but also keeps him home most or all of the time. Just search for a good vet clinic in Sykesville, MD, and you will have this procedure done to your dog. In a vet clinic also other services such as pet vaccinations are carried out.

Benefits of Neutering Your Male Dog

There are a couple of reasons why castrating your furry friend is essential. Some benefits include decreased roaming, urine marking, inappropriate mounting, and others. Here are other reasons why you should consider doing this.

Unwanted pregnancies

The problem with a male dog is that it can’t resist a female dog that is in heat. Despite how close you monitor it, it still manages to escape and follow the smell of a female dog from many miles away. Also, you will be in trouble if your male dog procreates and impregnates someone’s prized female dog. Therefore the only viable solution is to take it to a Sykesville veterinary hospital to be spayed.

Perineal Hernia

Though this is a fixable problem, Perenial hernia is an annoying problem in male dogs. This is when belly organs slip or herniate through the weakened muscles in the pelvis. As a result, the dog appears bulged on both sides of his anus. It contains the bladder, fluids, or fat, and they cause constipation. A Sykesville veterinary can fix this.


There are many reasons why dogs are good pets, and there are many more reasons why you need to have them neutered. Besides genetics, testicular tumors, prostate disease, spaying prevents pet overpopulation.

An Update On Our COVID-19 Protocol

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