Very friendly staff with great Vets!
Rhonda Andrews
I would never take my little furry kids to any other place. Molly, Lea, Buggy, Theresa and Brian thank you for all that you do for us.
Marrianne Fincham
Always great care for my fur baby!
Kelly Brewer
The staff are easy to get along with. Friendly, easy to make appointments and the doctors are great.
William Rosebrough
Everything was fantastic!
Virgina Beall

Everyone is always very kind and gentle with my pets. I have been a long time customer and they have always been there through the good times and the very worst of times . Always very nice, caring, positive and professional people πŸ™‚
Susan Alascia, May. 15, 2017
Excellent first appointment. Friendly, caring, respectful staff. Doctor gave my cat a thorough exam and gave me a comprehensive explanation of her findings. She called and e-mailed me the next day with lab results and further treatment recommendations. I like the ease of records retrieval through the internet website, too.
Sharon Wells, May. 13, 2017
Highly recommend! Dr. Reinhardt was very focused, attentive and gave us an extraordinary amount of her time and energy learning all she could about our rehomed labradoodle, Khaine, and the behavioral problems he came to us with. She had many positive suggestions and solutions. We left feeling hopeful and optimistic about having brought a wonderful dog into our lives. We’ve always valued the quality health care we’ve gotten here, but today we value even more the supportive relationship that has begun as we endeavor to make Khaine’s life the best it can be.
Maggie O'Rourke, May. 2, 2017
We got there a little earlier than the appointment time and were able to be seen right away, which was wonderful! Dr. Reinhardt treats our little guy with such compassion, she is amazing!!
Jennifer Maartens-Javier, Jan. 18, 2017
Dr. Colwell and her staff are wonderful. My animals and I have always been shown respect, compassion and have received the best care. I have always been seen on time and I’m never hit with any surprises at check out. My bill is always (privately) detailed and explained thoroughly. If any recommendations are made, there is a very clear estimate, explanation and detailed report given at that time. Which is especially wonderful if your pet isn’t well, sometimes you can forget the small details so it’s always nice to have it in writing. Dr. Colwell will tell you when she has specials coming up and will do her very best to save you money. I could go on about so many wonderful details, but I’ll conclude with what matters to me most. I had to make the extremely hard decision to put my dog down after 15.5 years, which was beyond gut wrenching for me. Dr. Colwell came out to my home with her assistant and explained everything beforehand and during. She was respectful and beyond kind. Her staff through the process leading up to my decision let me cry (sob) and never ever showed any type of judgement. They are truly a professional team and I would recommend them to anyone. I feel very fortunate to have them as part of my team taking care of the pets I love so much.
J. Sauls, Dec. 18, 2016
Sarah is absolutely wonderful every time we come to the clinic. She always takes time to say hello to Jackson my Airedale Terrier, and gives him plenty of hugs and kisses She is also very gentle!
G. Quarles & 'Jackson', Sept. 2, 2016
Alyssa is wonderful with my dog Rudy! She gives him love and attention above and beyond each time we are here!! πŸ™‚
P. Hagg & 'Rudy', Sept. 2, 2016
As always Wanda is patient and very professional and gentle. Sara is amazing in how she reacts with my dog and explains what she is doing.
Pat Dorsey, Aug 4, 2016
Wanda has been wonderful with my cats, Hillary, Winston & Zachary today. She is a Star.
Joyce Mickey, Aug 4, 2016
Liz was fantastic. This was our ferret’s first visit. She was knowledgeable about everything that I asked. Made my husband and I feel happy and we will definitely be back!
Nicole Ashe & 'Poptart', Jul 11, 2016
Friendly, excellent service. This was my first visit; felt comfortable.
Edgar Wiggins, Jul 11, 2016
Everyone we came in contact with was very nice and helpful. The “techs” were very upbeat and seemed to enjoy their jobs – I loved seeing that! I plan to always bring all of our animals here, it is always a pleasant experience.
Heather Colson & 'Diesel & Sally Colson', Jun 15, 2016
We miscalculated our arrival time and got here pretty early and we didn’t have to wait (awesome). Coco got a good report! Everyone was super nice!
Geneva Lee & 'Coco Lee', Jun 9, 2016
Great service as always.
Molly McEvoy & 'Jethro', Jun 7, 2016
The staff are great. They always treat Gracie & Cody like family.
Nicole Rose & 'Gracie', Jun 4, 2016
Everyone is great! Service is awesome.
Shannon Tidman & 'Hercules', Jun 2, 2016
I always love that they give my pet and myself all their attention and they love up the boy! Best vet ever!
Kim Sands & 'Gizmo', May 26, 2016
Alyssa did an awesome job helping Max today!
J. Bloom & Max, May 26, 2016
Everyone was real friendly and explained all treatments and questions. The staff was helpful when I needed to to get my pets back into the car and the follow-up calls before and after appointments were a great help.
Shana Klein & 'Kattie', May 23, 2016
Everyone is always so friendly. Also, they know all the dogs by name.
Taylor Leathers & 'Sabo, Apache, & Bradley', May 21, 2016
I liked how nice the staff was and how attentive they were to Ivanka.
Damaris Santiago & 'Ivanka', May 14, 2016
Cathy did a great job putting me & Elizabeth at ease. She answered all questions and helped teach me how to give our pet the medicine. Thanks, Cathy!
W. Moffitt & Elizabeth, May 10, 2016
What a great Staff! All girls rock but Destiny was amazing with Lucy!
S. Hudson & Lucy, May 9, 2016
Staff is friendly and accommodating.
Carly Wilson & 'Opie', May 3, 2016
The staff always greets you with a nice hello and a smile; it makes you feel at home. Also, the staff are always courteous and professional.
Mark Sedlak & 'Duncan', May 1, 2016
Very little wait time; everyone was so nice.
Theresa Davis & 'Bellatrix', Apr 30, 2016
Comfortable, relaxing, and friendly environment. Prompt service.
Michelle Knauf & 'Gracie', Apr 29, 2016
Always so helpful and respectful. πŸ™‚ Great atmosphere.
Tina Hartzog & 'Eugene', Apr 29, 2016
Scheduling the appointment was very easy. Staff is always so pleasant.
Celia Dallas & 'LoLa', Apr 26, 2016
We were greeted warmly by the staff. Dr. Colwell was thorough and provided explanations in a succinct manner and was gentle with Ava. I felt very comfortable in their laid-back atmosphere.
Abigail Shaw & 'Ava', Apr 22, 2016
I appreciate how caring the staff is. πŸ™‚
Jayme Bohn & 'Mattie', Apr 11, 2016
I loved the care the staff showed. Brutus was very anxious and they were very calm with him.
Jennifer Gibbins & 'Brutus', Apr 9, 2016
I was able to get a Saturday appointment. The vet was very knowledgeable about blood tests and treatment.
Rebecca Haberman & 'Charlotte', Apr 9, 2016
Everyone is so good. Best vet staff I have dealt with.
Linda Greenberg & 'Meg', Apr 7, 2016
I liked that you called and let me know that Dehlia was only going to get a rabies shot and that you are waiting on the distemper. All my visits have been great.
Karen & Jerry Hymiller & 'Dehlia', Apr 4, 2016
Staff is always great. We were in for a few emergency visits recently and always received great and timely care!
Danielle Warner & 'Lorie', Apr 4, 2016
Dr. Colwell is awesome. If she took care of people she would be my doctor also!
Vonnie Ferguson & 'Blizzard', Apr 2, 2016
I left feeling assured that my dog was given the best care possible and that his quality of life would be great even with his health challenges. And ALL of the staff is wonderful!!!
Juan Christian & 'KY', Mar 31, 2016
The staff is and always has been so very wonderful and compassionate. Couldn’t ask for a better vet! This is Sandy’s second home!!
Natalia Houston & 'Sandy', Mar 31, 2016
I love how welcoming & friendly the staff was! AND the Easter Egg 10% off. πŸ™‚ Good idea.
Jayme Bohn & 'Remy', Mar 31, 2016
Best little vet with the biggest heart. I love my vet office.
Marianne Sickley & 'D*O*G', Mar 26, 2016
Always friendly and helpful. πŸ™‚
Kelly Brewer & 'Zen', Mar 26, 2016
Staff as always is very friendly and recall/remember their patients and pet owners.
Gale and Dan Dazzo & 'Koki', Mar 22, 2016
I love all the friendliness! Everyone seems to truly love my dog.
Tracy Brothers & 'Phoebe', Mar 19, 2016
We have been with Dr. Colwell for 15 years. Always pleasant. Explains findings at each visit. Very gentle with my girls.
Marsha Dougherty & 'Shy Anne, Bayleigh', Mar 17, 2016
All of the staff are extremely friendly and seem to sincerely care about our dog!
Sarah Blaskc & 'Roscoe Metzger', Mar 17, 2016
Everyone was kind, gentle and attentive to my Tilly – I’m glad I followed Dr. Reinhardt all the way (20 miles further) out here.
Davida C. & 'Tilly', Mar 7, 2016
All of your employees performed exceptionally well with my German shepherd, Maddie. They awaited her pacing and calming herself down before administering her shots and tests. Thank you, we really appreciated it.
Kendall P. & 'Maddie', Mar 1, 2016
I called this morning and you were able to squeeze us in that day, which was awesome and it was Christmas Eve.
Cynthia Bremerman & 'Egypt', Dec 24, 2015
Sykesville Veterinary Clinic is the best place for our pets because they care so much. The little vet with the big heart is such a true statement and perfect slogan. I have been so happy with the care my dogs have received.
Lawrence Hyatt, Dec 22, 2015
I would recommend Sykesville Veterinary Clinic because they are always cheerful and helpful. The best vet I have been to by far.
Joe Welch, Nov 13, 2015
I arrived 1/2 hour early & they accommodated me. Also, I brought a large dog and a cat and they managed them perfectly. I have been coming to Dr. Colwell for 13 years and have always been happy with the service – even through multiple pets!
Denise Stanley & 'Monet & Callie Stanley', Oct 24, 2015
We’ve been visiting this client for the past 16 years and have always been satisfied.
Kathy Davis & 'Simon', July 10, 2015
Friendly and professional staff!
Gabriele Miller & 'Bruno', July 9, 2015
I always enjoy all my visits with both dogs. They seem to enjoy themselves as well. I like how they always treat my pets with love and respect.
Kimberley Owen & 'Champ & Bailey', July 9, 2015
Genuine caring for animals.
Jolita Petersen & 'Schnookie', July 1, 2015
I have been coming for 10 years and love it here.
Amy Pond & 'Otis & Daisy Pond', June 29, 2015
We think you guys are great! Everything is always quick and you explain everything thoroughly.
Kristen Vargay & 'Gracie', June 26, 2015
Everyone is always so nice and friendly. They are always so nice and careful with our pets.
Mackinson & 'Rocky', June 25, 2015
The staff is always friendly and accommodating. My pets always enjoy their visit!
Kim Graewert & 'Stitch & Jessie', June 12, 2015
Very friendly and kind to animals.
Gail Kydek & 'Abby', June 12, 2015
Very friendly people and very professional. We are completely satisfied with all the services here. I’ve called in several times with concerns and questions and they’ve responded very quickly. We order food (prescription) for Adie from them and it’s always available or they order it right away.
Janet Volpe & 'Adie & Daisy Volpe', May 13, 2015
Our pets are always taken care of with plenty of T.L.C. Dixie loves Wanda, who has a special relationship with our dog since we adopted her 11 years ago.
Regina Redman & 'Dixie', May 12, 2015
This is our second dog that has been taken care of by Sykesville Vet/Dr. Colwell. They have taken good care of them and us.
Michaelle Leone & 'Hazel Daisy Macie Leone', May 12, 2015
The entire staff is wonderful.
Darlene McGivern & 'Cooper', May 9, 2015
Everything was great!! Both cats responded wonderfully. After the fight to get them here, I was amazed at how relaxed they were with everyone once we got here. πŸ™‚
Shannon Burlingame & 'Ari & Emmy', May 8, 2015
Thank you for always being so friendly and accommodating to our pets. They love you guys.
Megan Andrews & 'Brody and Dottson', May 5, 2015
All the women and doctors have been very welcoming and sweet. We are very lucky to have found this clinic, being new to the area.
Megan Puce & 'Roxy, Mack and Holly', May 1, 2015
Very pleasant & supportive visit.
Ann Horvatt & 'Kee Kee', April 27, 2015
Very friendly employees that are all very friendly with my dog.
M. Thomas & 'Molly Thomas', April 24, 2015
Dr. Colwell gave us advice regarding care for our geriatric kitty that fixed a 10-year issue. I am so pleased!
Susanne Shearer & 'Archie', April 21, 2015
We have been with the group for a long time, over 10 years. I always feel that my animals are treated professionally and with care. My animals are treated like family. We will continue to use the practice.
Brenda Watson & 'Macy', April 16, 2015
Terrific vet!
Judy Thomas & 'Liberty', Apr 7, 2015
Very friendly and courteous staff. Dr. Colwell is a fantastic vet. She has cared for our dogs for over 10 years and we have always been satisfied. We especially appreciate the house calls she has provided.
Kelly L. Dolan & 'Petey, Juanita, Gizmo and Peanut', Mar 25, 2015
Maggie is my third dog to be treated here.
Betty M. Adams & 'Maggie', Mar 25, 2015
Very thorough. Would recommend highly.
L. Powers & 'Tommy', Mar 25, 2015
Very pet-friendly and caring facility.
Theresa Clark & 'Bear', Mar 25, 2015
Love you guys! Thank you for taking care of our ‘kids’.
Kim Sands & 'Gizmo', Mar 20, 2015
Everyone has been great with all of our pets! All the staff is happy and professional and very helpful.
Sarah Poulton & 'Rex, Raven and Josie', Mar 11, 2015
My first visit to any vet ever – was referred. First call was amazing as I was a nervous mess regarding my new puppy. The doctor was a bit fast but first but slowed down realizing how anxious I was as a first-time mom to Bohdi! We love it here!
Kerri Green & 'Bohdi', Mar 10, 2015
Love the staff and doctors. They are all very knowledgeable and answer my questions, and most importantly, they LOVE our pets and their job.
Carol Cormany & 'Cherokee', Mar 9, 2015
We only needed to get a second Lyme shot, but the previous two visits were great, too.
Donna Schaffer & 'Tucker', Mar 3, 2015
I have brought my dog(s) here for five years and have recommended this vet practice to others, without reservation.
Sarah Hay & 'Carlos', Feb 25, 2015
Very friendly staff and doctor. They explain everything so I can understand what’s going on. I like bringing my dog here.
Linda Plante & 'Sasha', Feb 20, 2015
I’ve been coming to Sykesville Veterinary Clinic for 10 years. I have always been happy with the care provided here.
Kim Orndorff & 'Poki', Feb 6, 2015
Been coming for years! Very happy.
Shirley Snyder & 'Gabby', Feb 2, 2015
Great stuff, great vet & great care for our puppy!
Kathy Gounaris & 'Spencer', Feb 2, 2015
Karyn Adams & 'Sadie', Jan 23, 2015
I appreciate the thorough looking over of our dogs, and am very satisfied with all you’ve done.
Kristen & 'Rusty, Daisy, Baxter & Stanley', Jan 23, 2015
All of the staff is very positive to my dog and to other pets in the facility.
Caroline Dow & 'Turbo', Jan 22, 2015
Everyone is very friendly and caring. The staff shows great confidence in the examination and questioning of pet health care. Everything is explained prior to treatment.
Zane Warren & 'Bruisen', Jan 21, 2015
Dr. Colwell is a wonderful vet. She has saved Biscuit s life 3 times. Her staff is always very helpful and polite. I will always recommend this veterinary clinic.
Vickee McFarland & 'Biscuit & Cheyenne', Jan 16, 2015
Best vet in Carroll County!
Steve Karata & 'Max', Jan 12, 2015
We love it here!
Siobhan Kauffman & 'Walter White', Jan 9, 2015
Always happy with the care provided. I’m glad that I can be a part of the treatment process. Lizzy is not fond of strangers and I am glad I can keep her calm for exams.
Tim Hubert & 'Lizzy', Dec 30, 2014
Samson is 12 years old with many health problems through the years. This vet clinic has kept him healthy and alive with the help of Dr. Colwell and the staff.
Jean Hedges & 'Samson', Dec 17, 2014
They are always understanding of my schedule and budget.
Pauline Lutz & 'Clarice', Dec 17, 2014
I have always had great care for my cats and dogs over the years that I have been coming to the practice. Everyone always shows compassion for the animals and handle them with great care.
Linda Brenneman & 'Polly', Dec 17, 2014
Very friendly experience!
Noal Dull & 'Bubby', Dec 9, 2014
We have always received excellent care from this office. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure that our pet is happy and healthy.
Rick Jarrett & 'Bacon', Dec 9, 2014
I love that someone called me to set up an appointment and stayed on the phone for quite some time until we found a date and time that worked.
Shannon Prunkl & 'Alice', Dec 9, 2014
Great people to work with.
Mark & 'Lizzy', Dec 5, 2014
Best vet in town/state.
Daniel & 'Chance', Dec 4, 2014
A caring staff – wonderful as always.
Georgeanne Trummert & 'Dempsey', Nov 23, 2014
I am very happy with this place. Everyone is nice and loving to me and my pets. I feel very comfortable coming here and have confidence in the way my pets are treated.
Tanya, 'Cali' & 'Gwen', Nov 22, 2014
You all rock! Everyone has always been there for each and every pet of mine! The staff is always friendly and helpful. Both Colwell & Riley have always given my pets the best care as if they were one of their own. Thank you for all you do!
Anna & 'Kody', Nov 22, 2014
It was very easy to get a same-day appointment. Thanks!
Danielle & 'Louie', Nov 22, 2014
Very pleased with the services and care from both Dr. Colwell and the staff.
Paula Geppi & 'Violet', Nov 22, 2014
We have always had a pleasant experience and enjoy the personal treatment and friendly atmosphere. We enjoy the professional and courteous staff and our pets always get excellent treatment.
Daniel Lubman, 'Grace' & 'Lucky', Nov 21, 2014
Always been happy with the service we receive from Sykesville Vet Clinic, for all three of our dogs.
Kristen Wilcox & 'Jessie', Nov 19, 2014
The staff is very pleasant.
Cecelia Fish & 'Scotty', Nov 19, 2014
Friendly and sensitive staff. πŸ™‚
Andrea Eiblum & 'Taco & Bella', Nov 12, 2014
We have always received excellent care. The staff is extremely friendly and caring. We have moved to Florida but won’t hesitate to return to Sykesville Vet Clinic when back in Maryland.
Don & 'Ollie', Nov 12, 2014
Very, very helpful. Physical exams were informative and excellent; the staff listened to every concern and was attentive, gentle, and caring to my pets.
Mary & 'Merlin', Oct 31, 2014
Very satisfied with the one-on-one care, and the compassion with my cat at a very timely need of help for him.
Donna Chaney & 'Felix', Oct 31, 2014
We have used this clinic for all our pets for 10 years and have been very pleased with the friendly, capable, and compassionate care received by our pets and us.
Helene & 'Silver Lace', Oct 28, 2014
Everyone is very kind, and their love for animals is obvious!
Barbara Martin & 'Bear', Oct 27, 2014
You guys are great, although rather expensive. Of course you get what you pay for so it’s worth it.
Chris Byrd & 'Baby & Nala', Oct 25, 2014
Dr. Colwell is great – she teaches as well as cares for our dog.
Alene Mohney & 'Ellie', Oct 24, 2014
Wanda was wonderful calming Emma during the procedures!
Brenda Cummings & 'Emma', Oct 17, 2014
Thorough, careful with my dog’s knees, and very clear on options and explanations. A true pleasure in customer service. Thank you!
Heather & 'Blaze', Oct 16, 2014
The staff is always pleasant and gentle with the animals, and pet owners’ questions are clearly and concisely answered.
F. Garvis & 'Jasmine', Oct 13, 2014
Our 15-year-old Beagle passed away a few weeks ago. The staff and doctors were gracious and compassionate.
Wendy & 'Sadey', Sept 9, 2014
Great vet practice with very professional and friendly staff! My pets are always well cared for.
Rhonda Andrews, 'Cooper', 'Riley', 'Buddy' & 'Amber', Aug 28, 2014
I have been coming to Sykesville Vet for several years. I foster dogs and have many of my own. We have always been treated with friendly faces.
Joyce, 'Darby' & 'Dylan', Aug 15, 2014
We’ve always had good memories at Sykesville Veterinary Clinic. I know my pets are well taken care of because the doctors are very knowledgeable and caring.
Janet Davis & 'Maggie', Aug 12, 2014
Sykesville Vet is a place we can trust to care for our pets. They are knowledgeable and thorough.
Julie & 'Kona', Aug 4, 2014
Dr. Colwell and the staff were welcoming and very knowledgeable. They demonstrate a very high level of care and attention to your pet’s needs. Thank you for excellent service and please continue to care!
Peter Swartley & 'Cherry', July 30, 2014
Everything was good. It was my first visit and very easy. I was able to get in the room in 5 minutes or less.
Ashley & 'Aspen', July 29, 2014
Had to come for injury to my dog’s paws. They took him right in. They have A+ customer service and Dr. Colwell is great with the animals. Love this place!
Nancy Miranda McLaughlin
Sykesville Veterinary handled our visit with such professionalism and a sense of love. I felt very comfortable even though I had never been there before, and will definitely be going back in the future!
Brittany Roop
I am always pleased with my visits here. I wouldn’t take my kitties (Skylar and Skittles) any place else.
Leslie & 'Skylar'
Friendly staff that likes dogs.
Christina Kriska & 'Little Jacky'