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4 Ways Your Dog is Keeping You Healthy

It is no wonder the U.S. has more than 26,000 small animal veterinary clinics spread across its domain — everyone has a dog. Wherever you go you can find people walking or playing with their furry companions, in parks and through towns and on front lawns. We know these animals make us happy, but have you ever wondered precisely why dogs are such good pets? It turns out there is an incredibly long list of reasons why dogs are so great. Here are four reasons why dogs are good pets.

  1. Dogs facilitate social interactionIt is well-known that as we age, our opportunities for meeting other people become fewer and farther between. Dogs help to combat this trend. Because your dog needs to play, taking him to the park means seeing everyone else who is there. Who knows, you and someone there might even set up a doggie play date! Even something as simple as taking your dog for a walk often involves coming across other people who want to meet your pet.
  2. Dogs reduce tension and stressStudies have found that the mere presence of a dog can reduce stress responses in people engaged in difficult tasks. Dogs have also been found to decrease tension and conflict between cohabitating couples. Interaction with dogs often has a positive effect on anxiety and blood pressure, and can promote the release of neurotransmitters associated with relaxation.
  3. Dogs provide structureIndividuals who are entering old age or living with depression can have a hard time finding meaning and structure in their day. Not only does looking after a dog provide people with a sense of purpose — it also necessitates specific activities such as going outside, feeding, and playing with the animal.
  4. Dogs can help combat allergiesChildren’s developing immune systems require exposure to different pathogens and allergens in order to deal with them later in life. By having a dog in the house, your children will most likely become resistant to dander and the many other allergens pets involve. That means they will be able to enjoy pets for the rest of their lives without worrying about serious allergic reactions.

These were just a few of the reasons why dogs are good pets — there are many more. Make sure you are an equally good owner and take your canine to get annual checkups at your preferred veterinary clinic.

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