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How Often Should Pets Visit the Animal Hospital?

Kittens can begin to receive their vaccinations when they’re between six and eight weeks old. This is something an animal’s original owner should usually begin doing before it goes on to its forever home, whether it’s a kitten or a puppy. But after vaccinations, how often should you take your […]

5 Reasons Why Dogs are Good Pets

Dogs were domesticated over 15,000 years ago and have been constant companions ever since. According to surveys, over 60 million American households include a dog. This makes dogs the most popular pet among Americans. Other pets don’t even come close. Nearly 28% more U.S. households have a dog than a […]

The Importance of Routine Vet Check-Ups for Your Dog

Current statistics indicate that the number of animal hospitals has been increasing. The number of veterinary clinics currently stands at around 26,000 in the country. Despite the increasing number of animal hospitals, a good number of pet owners have not been taking their pets for necessary checkups. Here are just […]

How to Know When to Take Your Dog to the Vet

If you’ve had a dog for very long, you probably know all the basics: most dogs need to be taken on walks at least once per day and they should visit a vet or animal hospital once per year for an annual checkup. But what about when there’s something wrong […]

3 Tips on Caring for Puppies

Everyone loves the idea of having a puppy. They’re cute, fun, and make an exciting addition to the family. However, they come with a lot of responsibility. They take up your time, money, and patience in many different ways. Educating yourself on how to care for a puppy and what […]

Four Reasons Why Dogs Are Good Pets

Dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years. According to some research, dogs may have been the first animal that humans domesticated, predating the domestication of goats, sheep, cattle, and boars by over 3,000 years. Here are four reasons why dogs are good pets to this day. Humans and […]

Medical Care For Your Dog Throughout Their Life

Like humans, some elements of a dog’s medical care will remain constant throughout a dog’s lifetime. For example, most veterinary clinics recommend that dogs have annual checkups to prevent or intercept any health issues that could arise. However, other aspects of the medical care needed by a dog can change […]

3 Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant And What You Can Do For Her

Most dog owners know very well how their dog behaves on a day-to-day basis. The intimate relationship between a dog owner and their canine is a special bond and one of many reasons why dogs make good pets. But when your dog starts behaving differently, it can make you worried […]

What Skin Problems Affect Old Dogs?

As dogs age, many develop uncomfortable skin conditions. These conditions can be worrying to owners and make dogs vulnerable to other diseases without proper treatment. Luckily, many of these skin problems are very common and can be treated at a vet clinic. Watching for signs of old dog skin problems […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Checkups

Unlike people, pets often cannot tell owners when they need medical attention. Owners can look for signs that the pet is sick or injured, but some medical issues are not symptomatic. Additionally, pets require regular checkups and vaccinations. The care required for pets varies widely depending on the age of […]