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3 Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant And What You Can Do For Her

Most dog owners know very well how their dog behaves on a day-to-day basis. The intimate relationship between a dog owner and their canine is a special bond and one of many reasons why dogs make good pets. But when your dog starts behaving differently, it can make you worried and concerned about their health. Read on for early signs your dog is pregnant and what to do to make your pup more comfortable.

Enlarged Abdomen and Weight Gain

The surest sign that your dog is pregnant is if she starts gaining weight and her abdomen begins enlarging over time. As the puppies grow, so will her abdomen. Weight gain and an enlarged abdomen can be signs of other conditions, so it’s important to take your dog to the vet as soon as you notice this particular sign. Between four and six months old, most dogs are spayed or neutered. If you’re unsure if your dog has been spayed, contact your local Sykesville veterinary clinic to find out if your dog could be pregnant and when you need to take her in for a vet appointment.

Changes In Their Usual Appetite

Aside from eating for more than one, early signs your dog is pregnant include changes in her appetite like becoming pickier about her food or eating more or less than usual. These aren’t necessarily signs to worry about, as they can happen for a number of reasons like changes in the weather or moving into a new home. But if these signs persist, or if you notice ones that become increasingly worrying with no other logical reasoning behind them, contact a vet to see what your next steps should be. A picky dog may just need a change in diet during her pregnancy.

Decreased Activity and Unusual Behavior

Other early signs your dog is pregnant include decreased activity and unusual behaviors. You know your dog better than anyone else, so you should be aware of any changes in her activity level. Is she normally very energetic, but lately seems to prefer to snuggle rather than play? She may be pregnant. Does she normally prefer a fast-paced jaunt around the neighborhood, but now seems to take it slow and want to call it a day earlier? This is another early dog pregnancy symptom. Is she shredding material and nesting with it? This unusual behavior is one of many early signs your dog is pregnant.

People often wonder why dogs are good pets and it has to do with their loyalty and dedication to their owners. Show your dog you are paying attention by looking for these early signs of pregnancy in dogs. A pregnant dog needs medical attention and a comfortable, safe space to rest. Contact your local Sykesville veterinary hospital for more information on early signs your dog is pregnant and how you can make her more comfortable.

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