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How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

If you think your dog might be pregnant, you might have some mixed emotions on the matter. After all, puppies can cost between $2,000 and $6,600 in their first year. However, you might also be prepared to re-home the puppies and just want to know one way or another if you should be expecting them. Dogs show that they are pregnant in a variety of ways, although not all of these signs are a sure thing. The best way to know is to take your dog to a vet clinic and have them tested. Still, if you have your suspicions and are looking for ways to tell, here are some early dog pregnancy symptoms that you can look for:

1. Changes in Affection

This can go either way depending on the dog and it’s a matter of noticing what is odd for your specific pet. She might suddenly become much more affectionate and want to be closer to you more often. She also might withdraw from you and decide she wants to be alone more often. Just keep an eye out for any unusual switches in her behavior that could be a sign of changes in her body and her hormones.

2. Physical Changes

Physical changes can occur somewhat early on. You might notice your dog’s belly becoming more bloated and their nipples becoming enlarged or even discolored. As far as early dog pregnancy symptoms go, these might happen a little later on and might be one of the last things you notice. This is because hormonal and behavioral changes are more likely to be triggered for your dog’s body starts to change on the outside.

3. Fluctuation in Appetite

Another clue is that your dog’s eating habits are changing in one way or another. Maybe they aren’t finishing their food like they usually do, or maybe they are begging you for food more often when they wouldn’t normally be hungry. Vomiting could occur as well if your dog’s stomach is upset from the pregnancy.

4. Fatigue

Like in people, one of many early dog pregnancy symptoms is fatigue. Growing living beings can be a very taxing thing. If you notice that your dog is sleepier than usual or tires more quickly on walks, they could be pregnant.

Many early dog pregnancy symptoms can be similar to symptoms of other causes as well. They are often subtle enough that they aren’t enough to deny or confirm your dog’s pregnancy on their own. Taking your dog to a veterinary clinic is always the easiest and surest way to know if they are pregnant.

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