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Pregnancy & Your Dog: Why Veterinary Clinics are Important

Americans are the largest pet owners around the world. There is a perception that most of them have a soft spot for most pets, which makes them adopt stray cats… Read more

Dog Safety: What is Toxic to Dogs?

Dogs are loyal and amazing animals which is one of the many reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are therapeutic and can help in stress reduction. This is… Read more

Animal Hospital: A Safe Place for Your Cat

It's important to vaccinate your cat when he or she is a kitten, so that your kitty can live a long, healthy life. You should start your kitten's vaccine regime… Read more

Pet Dangers to Watch for On Your Next Hike

Now that spring is officially upon us, countless pet owners are itching to bring their furry friends to their favorite hiking spots. Their drive for adventure is just one of… Read more

3 Healthy Habits Pet Owners Should Do for Their Senior Dog

As a pet owner, it's vital that you take care of your trusted companion with care and compassion as they grow older. Even though you want to treat your senior… Read more

Is My Cat Fat? How to Recognize When Your Pet Is Overweight

A pet is perfect in the eyes of their owner, but too many treats can lead to health problems down the line. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine when… Read more

No Bunny Gifts: Why a Sykesville Vet Says You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child a Rabbit for Easter

Easter is right around the corner and what gift is more adorable for your kids than an Easter bunny, right? Wrong. While adorable, bunnies do not make a good Easter… Read more

“How Much Does Dog Surgery Cost?” and Other Questions for a Sykesville Animal Hospital

If you’ve ever called in late to work because Scruffy’s nail appointment went over, you may be a dog lover. If you’ve spent an evening in the pet aisle agonizing… Read more

Just a Flesh Wound: How to Care for a Dog Wound Yourself

If your dog is rambunctious by nature, there’s a good chance they’ll sustain cuts and scrapes from time to time. In fact, cuts and scratches are among the most common dog… Read more

“Why Go to Vets Near Me?” 4 Benefits of Going to a Local Veterinarian

There are over 26,000 small animal veterinary clinics in the United States. But how can you choose the right one out of all those vets? Read on to learn 4 benefits of… Read more

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