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3 Healthy Habits Pet Owners Should Do for Their Senior Dog

As a pet owner, it’s vital that you take care of your trusted companion with care and compassion as they grow older. Even though you want to treat your senior dog like the puppy it once was, there are a few things you should be doing differently to help care for your aging pet.

Here are three healthy habits to start when your dog enters its golden years.

Get more exercise

Your older dog will need to exercise every day to help maintain mobility, flexibility, and a healthy weight. They might not be able to go on the long hikes you used to, but it’s essential that they go for a walk each day. Get them outside and social to keep them feeling youthful in their older age.

Invest in healthy food

Your dog’s gut isn’t what it used to be. You might even notice your older pooch nibbling on objects and grass because of an upset stomach.

It’s vital that you transition your pet to a new diet in order to give them the nutrients and vitamins they need in their old age. Many dog foods have special formulas designed to meet the needs of your older pet while others come with helpful additives to promote joint health and pain relief.

You should also watch for any major shifts in their weight. It’s easy for older dogs to gain weight quickly, but it’s also common for senior pets to shed pounds quickly when something is wrong with their health. If you notice your dog isn’t eating or eats too much, your best bet is to take them in for a check-up at your local animal hospital.

Go to the vet more often

Unfortunately, your pet will start to experience more health problems as they grow older. Between hip issues, hearing issues, and vision loss, it’s essential you take your pet to the vet more often to get the best advice and treatment.

This doesn’t mean that you have to take your dog to the vet every week. While it’s recommended that you bring your dog in once a year for their annual checkup, you should also take them in at the first sign of a health issue. Health problems become more serious when your dog reaches old age, but tackling these issues quickly will ensure they live a long and happy life.

For the best information on how to help your older pet enjoy their golden years, rely on the veterinary hospital you can trust: Sykesville Veterinary Clinic.