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Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets

Sykesville Veterinary Clinic knows that best friends come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why in addition to dogs and cats, we provide comprehensive care for rabbits and other small mammals or “pocket pets”, including:

  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Gerbils
  • Ferrets
  • Rats
  • Mice

Many of these animals do require a very particular environment to thrive, and it’s important you have a veterinarian experienced in their care to help.

Vaccinations & Exams: Just like adult dogs and cats, pocket pets should have an annual physical exam. This enables our veterinarian to catch any developing health issues before they become larger problems. If you have a ferret, he or she should receive both distemper and rabies vaccinations as well as a booster every year at their annual exam.

Parasite Control: Small mammals are prone to external parasites: rabbits and ferrets can get ear and mange mites; guinea pigs are susceptible to lice. We can provide you with special parasite prevention medication that is suited to the pet you have.

Neuter: While you may not hear about it as much, shelters around the country also have many pocket pets without homes. We highly recommend having your rabbit neutered not only to help control the pet population but also for health benefits such as reduced risk of cancer and urinary tract infections.

Teeth TrimmingIt’s important for small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and other pocket pets to have a variety of toys and treats to chew on to help file their teeth down and keep them as healthy as possible. Some of these pets may also need their teeth trimmed from time to time to help promote a healthy mouth and teeth.

Chemotherapy: Sykesville Veterinary Clinic provides cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy for ferrets, depending on the type of cancer. It’s important you know that while chemotherapy does not cure cancer, it can make your pet much more comfortable.

For more information on caring for your pocket pet or to make an appointment, give us a call at (410) 549-7798.