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7 Weird But True Facts About Cats

Cats have been popular pets for years. People love to keep them around and play with their soft fur. Yet for being such a soft and cuddly friend, sometimes cats can be downright odd. Here are a few strange facts about cats you may not know:

1.Cats Don’t Have Sweat Glands

Like dogs, and unlike humans, cats have no sweat glands and sweat through the paws and around their eyes. The sweat has a particular scent, which they mostly use to mark their territories. Cats will commonly rub against their owners, which is a sign of both affection and a mark of ownership.

2.Lactose Intolerance

Despite the classic reputation for loving milk, it is a fact that as cats grow, they stop producing lactose enzymes. These enzymes responsible for breakdown of milk components, and allow the kitten to consume milk more easily. As a cat ages, consumption of milk may cause stomach aches. Milk is only recommended for kittens, and consumption by older cats should be moderate.

3. They have killer kidneys.

Probably the strangest fact about cats is that they have extra strong kidneys, that are capable of handling large quantities of salt. Bet you didn’t know that. They can consume salt water, such as that of the ocean and sea, quite easily; the filtering process in the kidneys ensures that all the salt particles are out. Consuming large amounts of saltwater is extremely dangerous to most animals (and humans), and can outright kill us. In most cases, they drink very little water and rely on the water in the foods for survival.

4. They have Navigation Superpowers.

Well, not really. Ever wonder how cats manage to get home every time they leave? In addition to marking their home, and the path they took, with scents, scientists believe that cats can use the sun angles to locate home. In a series of tests, it was determined that cats could get themselves home 80% of the time. Now that’s something you wish you could do.

5. They Have Amazing eyes.

Well, everybody knows that. But those incredibly small eyes your cat has have a wider peripheral view than yours. They are best suited for dim light, unlike humans, who require adequate light to be able to see clearly. However, cats have no receptors for color and therefore cannot recognize the different colors; they are color-blind, and see things in greyscale. Just like humans, the eyes are prone to disorders, especially with aging.

6. They are fantastic climbers.

Cats enjoy fantastic speed, accuracy and dexterity when climbing trees or walls. The light body and the claws favor them during these adventures. All of a cat’s claws face the same direction, which is a benefit while going up but a drawback when climbing down. With the paws pointing in one direction, the cat has the option of backing down, tail first. Cats are not likely to fall, and when they do, their extremely sharp reflex system will help them land safely.

7. Why do cats hate water?

Except for swimming cats, like the Turkish Van, most domestic cats hate water with a passion. The fact of the matter is that water reduces the insulating efficiency of the animal, and (like us!) most cats will feel much colder with wet fur than they will when dry.

So there you go. 7 weird but true facts about cats. If you ask us, just more reasons to love our cats. At Syskeville Veterinary Clinic, we are dedicated to keep your favorite pet cats healthy and happy. Should your kitten need a visit, you know who to call.

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