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6 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Cats

Cats are likely one of the most fascinating, unusual, and lovable mammals on earth. Yet, as with many things, there is no way to learn everything about them, much as we might like to. But here at our Eldersburg veterinary hospital, we care so much about your favorite pet that we will share with you six memorable facts about them. Let’s begin.

1. Your Cat Can Have Breakfast With You

So often, our views of a healthy pet diet and a healthy person diet are entirely different. But here’s the neat thing: your cat can eat eggs, meat, and oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal! In moderation, it can be as good for your cat as it is for you when cooked (and they won’t mind if you add milk!). Be careful what else you add to it, though, as there are popular oatmeal toppings (including raisins) that cats shouldn’t eat.

2. Cats Have a Similar Mental Structure to Humans

Have you ever looked into your cat’s eyes and felt a sort of incredible understanding? It makes sense, seeing as their brain structure is almost entirely the same: 90%, according to Psychology Today. Maybe that explains why some people relate to their cats so well, and why it’s easy to feel “in-sync” with them right off the bat.

3. Your Cat Dreams During Its Several Hours of Sleep

It can be freaky when your cat’s eyes jolt open in panic when they’ve been soundly asleep on your bed for four hours– maybe they think the same about us. Cats process information similarly to how people do, and therefore have dreams in their sleep (as well as nightmares).

4. A Severe Change of Schedule Can Upset Them

Similar to some people, cats really don’t like it when you switch things up on them or aren’t consistent with your own schedule. So, when your cat’s just woken up from their dream-filled nap, and you decide it’s the day to wash your bedding, you probably just ruined their day by kicking them off. Further, a cat may act sick or hurt when something unexpected happens. Maybe it’s best to keep things on track, even if it’s only for your cat’s sake!

5. Cats Learn from Experience

People often talk about learning “the hard way,” but that saying doesn’t only apply to humans. A cat is more likely to remember something if they experience it, rather than if they simply see or hear it. How much more relatable can cats be?

6. Cats are Like Flowers

Flowers are known to have different meanings and connotations based on their color; this is the same for cats in many cultures. One of the most interesting beliefs about a cat’s fur color comes from the French. Their folklore claims that if a white cat starts meowing at your door, you’ll get married soon (I guess they have a lot of white cats in France).

Aren’t cats so unique and exciting? Hopefully, you learned something new today and can know how to better relate to your precious pet.

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