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8 Signs There Might Be Something Wrong With Your Cat

When it comes to pets, we all want what’s best for them. Sometimes it’s just hard to know when something is wrong with your pet. We sometimes see the signs, but we might be ignorant of what they all mean. Cats are secretive animals, so it might prove much harder to know when they are sick or in pain. If you own a cat that displays any of these signs, you probably need to see your veterinarian.

1. Hiding a Lot

When cats are sick or in pain, they tend to go into hiding. You will notice that you don’t see your pet as often as usual. Be alert, as many cat owners notice that their cats are sick when it’s already too late.

2. A Change in Appearance

We all know that cats are tidy; therefore, if your cat starts to look unkempt, then something is probably wrong. Increased shedding is also a sign that your cat is sick. They will noticeably shed a lot of fur. If your cats get to this point, it is advisable to visit a veterinarian for a checkup.

3. A Change in Drinking or Eating

If you regularly feed your cat at a particular time of day, you should know how much food they consume. Any change in how much your cat eats or drinks can indicate a problem. Note that this goes both ways. A cat who eats less or drinks a lot more than usual is probably sick. A loss in appetite may indicate dental issues or stomach pains.

4. Regurgitating or Vomiting

If your cat vomits as soon as he or she eats, they may have a serious issue. Vomiting the food after some time may be an indication of poisoning, blockage, or other issues. If the vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms, such as diarrhea and slow movement, call your veterinarian. Your cat requires attention for these symptoms immediately.

5. Persistent Coughing

Coughing is normal. It can either be caused by hairballs or just some inhaled dust. However, if your cat can’t stop coughing throughout the day, it is advisable to get him to a vet. Sometimes coughing is an indication of a bigger problem. It might be a reaction to an unknown allergy, or it might be a symptom of a much more serious illness.

6. An Abnormal Temperature

As with humans, an abnormal temperature is an indication of illness or of pain and discomfort. The cat may go to a cool part of the house and not leave the place even for meals. If the cat’s temperature does not go down, visit your vet for diagnosis and treatment.

7. A Change in Affection

If your cat suddenly stops being cheerful and avoids all human contact, then he or she is probably in pain or sick. On the other hand, if your cat is suddenly craving attention, he or she is either feeling ill or very hungry. Try feeding them first. If they do not eat, then they are sick and need a vet’s help.

8. Bad Breath

If your cat happens to have bad breath, this can be an indication of serious dental problems. A cat’s breath that has a sweet smell to it can be an indication of early diabetes. It is advisable that you take your cat to the vet after noticing any unfamiliar odors when he or she opens their mouth.

These signs will help you diagnose what might be wrong with your cat. Always keep a keen eye on your cat, and investigate anytime you notice something out of the ordinary. Visit a reliable vet, such as Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, to help keep your cat healthy.

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