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How To Prepare Your Dog For A Trip To An Animal Clinic

Is it time to take your dog on a trip to the animal clinic?

If so, this can be a stressful time for your beloved dog!

After all, it’s a place they probably don’t go very often. Besides their unfamiliarity, there will also be other animals and many different scents!

But these visits don’t have to be a source of stress for you and your pet!

Read on to learn more about how to prepare your dog for a trip to the animal clinic!

Leave Early

One way to reduce stress on you and your pet — leave for your appointment early.

By leaving early, you will be calmer about getting to the visit. This will also help your dog keep their cool too!

Studies show that some dogs act by imitating their owner’s behaviors.

If you exude a sense of calm, your dog might follow your lead!

Car Rides

It’s possible that your dog doesn’t go in a car often except for a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

This means that your dog may associate car rides with going to the vet.

One way to help alleviate some of the stress your dog may feel from these car rides is by taking them more often.

Try taking your dog on a car ride to go for a walk or to pick up treats.

This way he or she does not view a car ride as just another trip to their vet’s office.

Bring Treats

When you bring treats along for a trip to the vet, they are a good way to reward your dog.

You can use them to help calm them down. You can also use them as a way to make your dog happier after behaving well.

Treats will help your dog take their mind off of a visit to the veterinary clinic.

It can also help your dog behave better in the hopes of getting more treats!

After all, what dog doesn’t enjoy a good treat or two?

Play Calming Music

Some dogs are responsive to calming or classical music as a way to make them more relaxed.

In fact, one study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that classical music can help dogs de-stress!

Do you play a certain type of music in your home or in the car when traveling with your dog?

They may develop a calmer demeanor over time after listening to this music.

If so, you should play it on the way to the clinic.

It may help calm down both you and your pet.

Preparing for An Animal Clinic Visit

In order for you and your dog to make the most of your animal clinic visit, you should try to minimize stress.

By leaving early and getting your dog used to car rides other places, this can help prepare them for trips to the clinic. You can also try playing music that calms them down or reward them with treats that they enjoy.

At Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, our experienced veterinarians and staff take every step we can to ensure your dog receives the best possible care!

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