The Best Dog Health for Breeds of All Kinds is Preventative Care

Regular vaccination and pest control can stop canine health issues before they arise.At Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, we care about your pets as much as you do. We offer the following services to combat diseases, protect your dog against pests and screen breed-specific checkups for optimal preventative care and dog health.


Vaccines are important to helping your dog live a happy and healthy life. They help combat common diseases that dogs are faced with. Different vaccines we offer include:

  • Distemper – attacks the lungs and affects the function of the spinal cord and brain
  • Rabies – a virus that attacks the nervous system
  • Bordetella – (aka kennel cough) a respiratory bacterial infection
  • Canine Influenza – vomiting, diarrhea, and upper respiratory infection
  • LEPTO – causes kidney and liver damage
  • Lyme – loss of appetite, sluggishness and kidney failure

When considering getting your dog vaccinated, always consult your veterinarian to see which vaccinations would be most beneficial to your dog along with state requirements.

Heartworm and Flea and Tick Prevention

Heartworms, fleas and ticks are just some of the many pests that can harm your dog. Some of the pests can be detected easier than others, like fleas and ticks, while heartworms are internal and a little harder to detect.

By doing weekly or monthly checks for fleas and ticks, along with a monthly dose prevention products, it is possible to have your dog be flea and tick free.

Heartworm pills and a yearly checkup to the vet can reduce the chance of a dog harboring a case of undetected heartworm.

Breed Specific Screening

Dogs need to go to the vet about once every year for an annual check up, this is important for keeping up on any shots that they need and also intercepting any problems before they arise.

It is also important to know your breed and what health problems they are most prone to. Talk to your veterinarian about this and what concerns you may have for the future health of your dog.

I have been very pleased with the quality of care my dog has received. Looking forward to utilizing Sykesville Vet Clinic for many years!
Daisy & 'Frank', Oct 27, 2014