Do you have an elderly cat?

If so, you should be bringing him or her in for regular visits at Sykesville Vet Clinic. There are a lot of different health problems that come with an aging cat. For example, they can get arthritis, become overweight and have certain behavioral issues.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of regular care for senior cats.

When Does My Cat Become a Senior?

The age span of cats can vary a lot, depending on their breed and health history. For example, mixed-breed cats tend to live longer than purebred cats. On average though, cats will live for about 14-16 years. Proper care can extend their lives even longer.

Cats reach senior status around age 7-10. Once your cat gets to this age, it might develop more severe health problems that will require regular vet visits.

What are the most common health problems in senior cats? Keep reading to find out.

Why Do Senior Cats Need More Care?

Cats need proper care at any age, but especially once they become seniors. Sykesville vet clinic takes proper care of senior cats because we know that it’s much easier and cost-effective to prevent serious diseases than to treat them.

Here are four reasons you should be bringing in your cat at least once per year:

1. Older cats have a higher risk of being obese

We all tend to slow down with age, no matter if you’re human or a cat. But when cats slow down, it can cause them to put on weight quickly.

Sykesville vet clinic will evaluate your cat and determine if it needs to lose any weight. We will also offer custom dietary and exercise recommendations. It’s crucial that older cats maintain a good diet, full of protein and not too many treats.

2. Dental diseases often come with age

Dental diseases are particularly dangerous for cats because they can go unnoticed by pet owners. A veterinarian needs to examine your cat’s teeth regularly to make sure they are healthy. We will also clean your cat’s teeth to keep them healthy if this isn’t something you want to do regularly at home.

3. Arthritis is painful for elderly cats

Arthritis isn’t just found in humans. Animals develop it too, especially older cats. It’s extremely painful and can cause cats to become even more sedentary. Like we mentioned earlier, this could lead to obesity and tons of other health problems.

Arthritis is treatable if you bring your cat in for regular vet visits. A veterinarian will evaluate your cat and determine which type of treatment is right for them.

4. Heart and kidney disease can be deadly

The older your cat gets, the more at risk it becomes of getting deadly diseases such as heart and kidney disease. Regular vet visits and blood tests will make sure you catch these diseases early. The earlier you find out about these conditions the easier they are to treat.

Make an Appointment at Sykesville Vet Clinic

Proper veterinary care is the best way to ensure that your cat will have a long and healthy life. So contact us today to get an appointment scheduled at Sykesville vet clinic for your senior cat.

You can also check out all of our informational resources on caring for your cat.