We Provide Small Mammal Surgery with the Highest Standard of Care

Our clinic offers spay & neuter, dental, growth removal and bladder stone surgeries for small mammals.For small mammal surgery we perform spay and neuter, dental, growth removal and bladder stones. We do not offer orthopedic or cardiac care, but we will refer you and your pet to a specialist that we trust that offers the same high standard of care.

We will make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible with our state of the art equipment and monitor their progress through the procedure. It is important to watch your pet and report any changes you see in your pet’s behavior.

Contact Us for More Information on Small Mammal Surgery Aftercare

What you need to know going into surgery is to talk to your vet about aftercare procedures. We will make you as comfortable as possible and informed of what the procedure will entail. We will let you know if there are any stipulations that you need to perform before coming in the day of the surgery.

We have used this clinic for all our pets for 10 years and have been very pleased with the friendly, capable, and compassionate care received by our pets and us.
Helene & 'Silver Lace'