Our Small Animal Dental Care Services are Current and Progressive

Pocket pet dental care at an animal clinic near meAt Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, we offer a wide range of dentistry services for small animals. We are focused on providing the most current and progressive oral health care for small pets, which is why we offer numerous services and tips for owners of small pets.

Small animals face many of the same problems with their teeth and gums as humans do, which is where our dentistry services come in. Small animals can experience common conditions, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, cracked or broken teeth, abscesses and oral cancer.

Fortunately, our small animal dental care services include regular dental checkups and cleanings, which will go a long way towards preventing these types of conditions from developing into more serious problems. We strongly suggest you perform at-home brushings and exam your pet’s mouth, gums, and teeth on a regular basis to ensure the overall oral health and wellness of your pet.

How You Can Help with Small Animal Dental Care

It is important for small animals to have a variety of toys and treats to chew on to help file their teeth down and keep them as healthy as possible. Failing to provide your pet with the right toys and treats could damage their mouth and cause pain. It may also be a good idea to file your pet’s teeth down every once in a while, as it will help promote healthy teeth and good oral hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding the dental care of your small animal, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic. Our friendly staff is in place to offer you at-home tips and tricks to help with the dental care of your pet, as well as information on what to expect from the dental cleanings and checkups provided at Sykesville.

The staff are easy to get along with. Friendly, easy to make appointments and the doctors are great.
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