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Animal Care Tips: How to Help Pets Prepare for a Move

Moving to a new location can be an extremely stressful experience for your pets, old or young. Because of this, it is crucial for you to do everything you can to make the move as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

It is both common and instinctual for pets to be fearful of new surroundings, which is why you should do your best to follow the below tips for before, during and after your move. As moving can be a challenging experience in itself, the idea of having to deal with a stressed-out, anxious pet or pets on top of everything else is the last thing you want.

The following animal care tips are designed to provide you with some guidance to ensure the experience is a pleasant one for both you and your pet or pets.

General Tips for Moving with Pets

Perhaps the most important part about moving with pets is pre-planning. This is the key to an easier change to your new home from your old one, regardless of how far you are going. By making sure your pets or pet is taken into consideration during all aspects of your move, you will be setting yourself up for a much smoother transition.

With this, make sure everyone who is involved in the move (friends, family, movers and so on) are all aware of your pet’s needs and are on the same page. This is critical to ensuring your pet or pets’ overall well-being during this big change in their lives.

Here are some additional pointers to help you and your pet or pets settle into the new home safely and happily.

Keep Pets Away from the Hustle and Bustle of Moving Activity

It may be a good idea to confine your pet or pets to a room that is safer, quieter, and more comfortable. This is also important because it can be difficult to keep a watchful eye on your pet or pets while packing and moving furniture. Another option is to take your pet or pets to a friendly place that they are familiar with during the move, such as a friend, neighbor or family member’s house.

Unpack before You Let Your Pet or Pets Run Loose 

Having a few familiar items set up in your new home before your unleash your pet or pets may aid in their adjustment. Examples could include their favorite chew toy, pet bed or cushion. It is important to do your best to slowly introduce them to the new space so they can become accustomed to it on their own terms.

Try not to Disrupt their Daily Routine as Much as Possible 

During the transition from your old home to your new one, try to remain calm and keep things as normal as possible for your pet or pets. Feed them at the same time out of the same food bowl, take them for a walk at your regular time, put their bed in a place they can see and access and make sure they have enough familiar toys to play with. All of these things will help them to adjust and provide them comfort and security during this scary time.

Moving to a new place is both exciting and stressful, for you and your pet or pets. By taking the above listed tips into consideration, you will be making the experience less anxious for your pets, which will in turn make the move easier for you.

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