Sykesville’s Small Mammal Spay and Neuter Process Has Its Benefits

Our veterinary clinic offers spays & neuters for ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, and guinea pigs.Similar to cats and dogs, it is recommended that you have your small pet spayed or neutered. If you own a ferret, domestic rabbit, gerbil or guinea pig, the health and environmental benefits of having him or her spayed are tenfold. Small mammal spay and neuter efforts are implemented to reduce the number of animals that need homes, which is why we are strong advocates for spaying or neutering all animals that come through our clinic.

There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your house rabbit or ferret for example. First and foremost, a fixed rabbit or ferret will have a greater chance of living a longer, healthier life. This is largely due to the fact that the risk of cancer and urinary tract infections are greatly reduced when a small animal is fixed.

The age in which a small animal should be spayed will depend on the type of animal as well as his medical history and current state of health. At Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, we will work with each and every client to ensure all the necessary information is conveyed. We believe in keeping open communication lines and working with pet owners to ensure the right decision is made for both pet owner and animal.

If you have any questions about spaying or neutering a small animal, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic today. We will be able to go over the specific health benefits for each type of animal, as well as what you should expect post-surgery and during the recovery process.

The staff is always pleasant and gentle with the animals, and pet owners’ questions are clearly and concisely answered.
F. Garvis & 'Jasmine'