A Dog Spay or Neuter Procedure is both Necessary and Possible with Our Help

Income-assistance programs are available to help with the cost of dog spay and neuter procedures.We recommend that you should get your dog spayed or neutered when they’re four to six months old. It is possible to do the procedure after this time frame, but it’s something that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

We accept SNAP certificates; SNAP certificates are awarded to low income pet owners to assist with the cost of spaying and neutering. The SNAP assistant is made possible through time and donations of individuals and business. A simple form needs to be filled out to see if you would qualify for the assistance.

We Give Discounts for a Dog Spay or Neuter Procedures at the Local Shelter

Sykesville Veterinary Clinic also realizes the importance of the significant number of animals looking for their forever homes. So we are giving a discount to pets that were adopted from our local shelter, The Baltimore Humane Society.

After your dog is spayed or neutered we will go over some aftercare procedures to follow that will help your pet be as comfortable as possible during their recovery. Depending on what is being done and recommendations from your vet pain medication may be needed. It is important to make sure the dog does not lick the incision and avoids strenuous activity for a few days.

I am very happy with this place. Everyone is nice and loving to me and my pets. I feel very comfortable coming here and have confidence in the way my pets are treated.
Tanya, 'Cali' & 'Gwen'