Bronze Package*

Our kitten care packages cover many kinds of services in preventative care to help get your kitten’s new life started on the right foot.

  • First exam and first 3 follow-up exams
  • FELV/FIV/HWT Test: tests for feline leukeimia, feline “AIDS” and heatworm disease. These diseases are spread from the Momma cat to the kitten during nursing and can be deadly.
  • #3 FVRCP Vaccines: protects against the viruses that cause upper respiratory disease and intestinal disease
  • #2 FELV Vaccines: protects against feline leukeimia disease
  • RABIES VACCINES: protects against rabies disease, which can be transmitted to people
  • #2 FECAL EXAMS: checks for internal parasites which can cause vomiting and diarrhea in kittens and can cause disease in people
  • #2 DEWORMINGS with Pyrantal

Silver Package*

Kitten care packages from a veterinarian near meIncludes everything in the Bronze Package, plus:

  • 6 MONTH SUPPLY OF ADVANTAGE MULTI: this product prevents fleas, lice, ear mites, heartworm disease and hookworms and roundworms.

Gold Package*

Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus:

  • SPAY/NEUTER: for the prevention of pregnancy, ovarian, uterine and testicular cancer, and territorial marking. All surgeries include preop bloodwork, pain medications and fluid therapy to prevent dehydration
  • HOME AGAIN MICROCHIP: A permanent ID system to help locate your kitten should he/she become lost or stolen
  • FLUID THERAPY: during surgery
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT: during surgery

*Individual pricing will be discussed at time of visit.  Total price of chosen packages can be made in 3 equal payments.  All Puppy/Kitten packages are non transferable and/or non refundable. Fees DO NOT include medications or tests other than those specified.
Kitten care from veterinarian near me